I know this is slightly off topic, but I've been complaining a lot lately about 1024x600 screens on twitter and I probably need to explain why :)

Apparently, lately 4:3 was declared deprecated and bad, so everyone moved to 16:10 or 16:9 formats. It was alright for me as long as the resolution was above 1024x768, but unfortunately almost all the netbooks and tablets seem to be afflicted with a 1024x600 screen. Except Apple's Ipad.

I might not want an apple device for other reasons, but I don't think 1024x768 is a bastard size. It certainly was the standard not long ago on CRTs or LCD. So much in fact that (for worse more than for bad) almost all websites are designed for that size.

So what happen when I try to view a website on my 1024x600 netbook? I scroll. Vertically or Horizontally. All the time. And I swear a lot too.

Watching a video on youtube is a pain unless I'm browsing full size. Same for all the flash stuff. All in all, the user experience is really not enjoyable, and most of the time comparable to having a 800x600 screen (I even wonder if all this scrolling isn't causing me carpal tunnel syndrome on top of all the other pains). And that's not limited to browsing the web. Using a regular OS (not optimized for this form-factor) or editing a document is a pain too.

So, no thanks, no 1024x600 screen for me in the future. If you really insist on the 16:9/16:10 format because it gives a nicer form factor for the device or is cheaper to produce, then fine, but I would gladly pay a premium for a 1366x768 and avoid the broken 1024x600 resolution.